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Eastern Healing Centre
Eastern Healing Centre

Acupuncture For Beauty

Comparing to acupuncture, for improving your looking, you may be more familiar with facelift, microdermabrasion or cosmetic surgery. If you are not satisfied with your natural look and want to make a big change, cosmetic surgery would be suitable for you. But if your aim is to improve your looking by fading acne scars, spot, removing pimple, anti-winkle, decreasing eye bags, lightening and smoothing skin, strengthen skin firmness, or thinning face without liposuction, acupuncture would help you!
Acupuncture for beauty features non-invasive and free of pain. This technology is theoretically based on Traditional Chinese Medicine Classic Theories. The effects of acupuncture for beauty are brought by regulating Qi and Blood, balancing organs, adjusting channels and strengthening the body resistance to eliminate pathogenic factors, since the appearance condition is a reflection of these intrinsic factors. So it not only helps you improve your looking and increase self-confident, but only balance your whole body and enhance your health!
The only material we use is Acupuncture Needle. You will discover changes both in appearance and body after at least one course (12 / course). And we also have special gold plated needle (with excess) which could enhance effect of treatment!