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Eastern Healing Centre
Eastern Healing Centre

Natural Herbal Facial Mask

Traditional herbal therapy has a long history for healing organ disorders in China, balancing the Yin & Yang and Qi & Blood of body. However, you may not know that the natural herbs are also effective to solve dermatologic disorders as facial mask!

Using natural substances as facial mask is not modern fashion.  It can be traced back to thousands of years ago. Etchings of ancient Egypt recorded that human use marine mud which contains minerals and microelements to maintain skin. When it comes to Tang Dynasty of China, Yuhuan Yang, one of the Four Beauties of Ancient China, uses combination of pearl powder and different Chinese herbs as facial mask by making them into cream. Nowadays, natural herbal facial mask is very popular for its remarkable effects on getting rid of acne scars, fading spot, skin lightening and anti-winkle.

Grounded herbs are commonly used as mask materials in many places like beauty studio, but what we use is herbal granule, which is essence of herbs in forms of powder. The herbs used in facial mask will soothe and calms skin, balance your skin, help detoxify and address different skin concerns according to various formula. What we want to do is not only to help solve your skin problems and promote healthy skin, but also to bring back your youth and beauty.