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Product Introduction

The headquarters of Shengfoong is located in Taiwan at 1F, 347 Yanshou Street, Songshan District, Taipei and its GMP certified concentrated Chinese medicine production facility is located at No. 25, Lane 63, Dajun Road, Su Ao, Yilan County, Taiwan. Shenfoong is currently the only government certified large scale producer of crude herb powder-free Chinese medicine concentrates in Taiwan. Products are safe and sanitary, with exceptional effectiveness and quality that is guaranteed. SHENG FOONG runs an ISO17025 certified laboratory and subjects all products to strict quality inspections before being released to market. Products meet or exceed most national health and safety standards and are currently sold across Europe, the United States, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia and Australia. Shengfoong products are preferred and held in strong regard by users the world over. Our products include single ingredient and compound concentrated medicinal powders, pills, OTC highly concentrated medicinal agents, concentrated tablets, concentrated capsules (vegetarian / non-vegetarian), concentrated pills, concentrated liquids and biotech agents. The Shengfoong line of products is comprehensive, with some 800 SKUs.

Transforming Chinese Medicinal Ingredients and Safe Application:

Traditional Chinese medicines, either collected in the wild or grown in naturally fertilized soils, are free of problems related to pesticides and heavy metal contamination. China’s heavy use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers in medicinal herb cultivation has left that country with severe problems in terms of residual organ chlorides and heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, cadmium and mercury. Also, grown in open soils populated by potentially dangerous microorganisms, oversights in handling and processing of harvested materials can easily lead to microbial or fungal contamination, which pose real threats to human health and safety.

Most manufacturers of Chinese medicine concentrates in Taiwan grind crude herb powder directly into powder, then add starch to add 20% or more to product weight. This leaves high levels of pesticide and heavy metal residues and exposes products to significant microbial contamination risks, leading to potential molding and the production of aflatoxins and other dangerous toxic byproducts. Toxins introduced via such vectors into the pharmaceutical product stream find their way into our bodies, causing severe problems for human health. Shenfoong Co., Ltd., recognizing these ubiquitous problems, was established in 1989 with the specific mission to develop genuine Chinese medicine concentrates that do not contain crude herb powders. We use leading world production technologies to develop Chinese medicines in highly concentrated form and guarantee all our products meet E.P., U.S.P. and J.P. quality standards. Please visit Shengfoong company website for more detail. www.shengfoong.com






傳 統中藥為野生或利用天然有機堆肥培養,無農藥殘留與重金屬污染的問題,中國近五十年來利用大量有毒農藥與化學肥料來栽種中草藥,導致中藥植物中所含的有毒 有機氯農藥與重金屬鉛、鉮、鎘、汞殘留問題嚴重。中藥材由於種植於土壤中,往往夾雜著大量土壤中的微生物,在採收與保存的過程中稍有疏失,很容易受到微生 物或菌的污染,這些微生物會對人體產生有害的毒性物質。