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Western Medicine has different classifications for leukemia, a form of cancer in which abnormal white blood cells accumulate in the blood and bone marrow. The cause of leukemia is unknown to Western Medicine. They believe there are certain factors which increase the risk of developing leukemia such as exposure to chemicals, radiation, drugs, and some viruses. Some even believe that unusual genes may be responsible for the cell abnormalities.

A diagnosis for leukemia is suggested by blood tests that show large numbers of white blood cells. Further, a bone marrow biopsy may be needed to confirm the diagnosis. Treatment with Western Medicine involves using anticancer drugs, or chemotherapy to 'kill' the white blood cells, with maintenance chemotherapy given over a 2 to 3 year period. Radiation with x-rays or radioactive phosphorus may also be used as treatment. Another treatment option is a bone marrow transplant in which the patient's blood-producing cells are first destroyed with radiation. Afterwards, the donor's 'healthy' cells are injected into the bone marrow.

Traditional Chinese Medicine believes this disorder is caused by disharmony between Yin (red blood cells) and Yang (white blood cells). If there is a blockage of nutrients to the spleen from the small intestine or when nutrients are not properly delivered to various organs are 'blocked,'‘leukemia' results. This causes nutrients to revert to the spinal bone marrow. When the body gets 'confused' from the delivery of excess nutrients, it will make more cells. Leukemia may also result when breast milk in females or sperm in males do not follow their normal pathways causing it to revert to the spinal bone marrow. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, all cancers start from cells getting the wrong message from 'foreign' or‘old' nutrients in the body. Antibiotics, steroids, or radiation will cause the body to create additional white blood cells, as the body creates more white blood cells to eliminate these foreign substances. Using chemotherapy and radiation only stimulates the Yang (white blood cells), and prevents the internal organs from getting proper nutrients. Getting blood transfusions causes a heavy burden to the liver and will cause additional stresses to the body.

Traditional Chinese Medicine treats the imbalance of red and white blood cells with natural herbal medicines. Herbs to eliminate deposits in the organs, balance the spleen and marrow, and prevent the loss of red blood cells (anemia) are used. When the spleen function is good, then nutrient delivery can be efficient. Acupuncture may also be used to supplement the treatment. Using radiation and toxic chemical drugs only suppresses symptoms temporarily and does not get to the underlying cause of the disease.

From Hantang Chinese traditional Medical Association