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Western Medicine tries to diagnose patients with weak lower limbs by testing the condition of the heart, nervous system, bones, joints, muscles, and blood. Some even believe that it is solely from emotional disorders. In most cases, the causes of the condition cannot be determined.

Although the cause of the condition remains unknown to Western Medicine, they rely on steroids to give patients energy when they can barely lift their feet or legs.

Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that the spleen is responsible for controlling the lower limbs. When heat from the heart and moisture from the spleen are provided to the small intestine, the body can efficiently digest foods. Food nutrients are the vital sources of the body’s energy. When the body needs energy, the pressure from the lungs will allow the spleen to release nutrients to the leg muscles, which in turn will convert the nutrients into energy. If the small intestine loses heat or if the digestive system doesn’t work properly, the blood flow back to the heart will be impaired.

Traditional Chinese Medicine uses herbs to strengthen the spleen and lungs, while eliminating excess moisture which may be creating a burden to the small intestine. When the body’s internal organs are functioning properly, weakness of the lower limbs will no longer be a problem.

From Hantang Chinese traditional Medical Association