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Western Medicine believes that the cause of uterus cancer is due to an excess of estrogen hormones. Diagnosis is made by examining a sample of the uterine lining from a biopsy or scraping of the lining of the uterus. Presently, western medicine must wait until cysts or tumors have formed in the uterus or ovaries before treatment can begin.

Treatment with Western Medicine includes using surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation to eliminate the cancer. These therapies unfortunately cause detrimental side effects, and in some cases, death results. With the treatments available with Western medicine, the damage done in many instances is worse than the disease itself. Western Medicine believes Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is caused by an imbalance of hormone levels which occur during the menstrual cycle, or from nutritional deficiencies.

Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that uterus cancer is caused primarily from the flu, or from damage to the heart and/or small intestine. When a flu is contracted during the period, it disrupts the flow of the menstrual cycle with it’s hot or cold temperature. As a result, residual blood nutrients deposit in the uterus which sets the stage for cancer to develop. Traditional Chinese Medicine does not advocate the use of antibiotics because of the damage it causes to the heart. Pain killer drugs are also to be avoided because they will damage the small intestine. When chemical drugs deposit in the liver, a decreased blood supply to the uterus results. Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that when the body’s water and blood circulation are functioning properly, no deposits of old nutrients can occur.

Treatment with Traditional Chinese Medicine includes using herbs to help the blood flow, to dissolve old residual nutrients, and to increase the heat in the heart and small intestine. Traditional Chinese Medicine believes females in good health should not experience PMS. PMS is actually an early warning alarm of residual blood nutrients depositing in the uterus.