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Western Medicine believes that moist skin disorders (eczema) are caused allergens but also recognizes that it often occurs for no known reason. Some Western Medical physicians believe the causes are from genetic or psychological factors.

Western Medicine uses oils or lotions on the affected areas to keep the skin soft. In many cases, antihistamine drugs for itching, corticosteroid drugs for pain, and antibiotic drugs for infections are prescribed.

Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that the body’s muscles and moisture circulation is controlled by the spleen. Ordinarily, the excess moisture in the body is released through the bowels, however, lack of exercise and consumption of excessive amounts of sweet or sour foods will cause the moisture to be released through the skin. This may look like a skin disease but the problem is actually deeper in the muscles.

Treatment with Traditional Chinese Medicine will use herbs to strengthen the kidney’s to maintain good water circulation, decrease the temperature in the small intestine, eliminate excess moisture from the large intestine, absorb excess moisture, and stop itching. Steroids will damage the kidneys and must be avoided.

From Hantang Chinese traditional Medical Association