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Western Medicine believes that lower back pain is caused by a mechanical disorder affecting the structure of the back. These disorders include herniated discs, ligament strain, or muscle spasms. A herniated disk supposedly puts excessive pressure on the nerves causing pain. X-rays are required to help diagnose for any fractures or displacements of the spine. MRI tests or myelograms (dye injections for x-ray tests) are also used to help determine if herniated discs may be the cause.

Acute episodes of back pain are often treated by offering heat or cold treatments, pain killers and muscle relaxants to ease the pain. If a herniated disc is diagnosed, traction therapy (gradual pulling apart the upper and lower portions of the body) may be offered on a regular basis to help relieve the pressure of the herniated material upon the sciatic nerve. In many cases where herniated discs are found, surgery is often recommended. Lower back surgery is a delicate operation in which the tough ligaments along the spine are sliced and held open. Bone cutting forceps will then remove part or all of the adjacent spinal process so that the spinal cord can be gently pushed to the opposite side of the vertebra allowing the disk prolapse to be seen and removed. Additionally, metal rods or sections of bone from other parts of the body may be used to fuse vertebrae’s together to help stabilize the spine.

Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that the body can eliminate pain without unnecessary surgery or drugs. Lower back pain is not always a result of structural disorders. There are many individuals who have severe structural disorders of the lower back, including herniated disks, yet have no back pains. There are also many who have no signs of structural disorders of the back, yet have excruciating pain. Acupuncture is often used to relieve any type of pain. When the meridian blockages are eliminated, the body’s circulation will improve and the pain will subside. If patients haven’t had surgery, acupuncture in conjunction with herbs will give good results. Herbal medicines are used to help improve circulation, eliminate bruises, and strengthen the spine and bone. Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that surgery will result in permanent damage and change acute pain into chronic. Over time, taking painkilling drugs will cause constipation and eventually cause liver and kidney damage.

From Hantang Chinese traditional Medical Association