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Western Medicine has linked Alzheimer’s disease and other types of elderly memory problems as ‘senility’. They believe that there are many different types of dementia (madness/ insanity), with Alzheimer’s being among the most common type. They believe that the disease is related to the degeneration of brain cells, or that it is genetic since it tends to run in families. Other diseases must be ruled out before they make a presumptive diagnosis of senility or Alzheimer’s disease. These include thyroid disorders, alcoholism, tumors, infection, nutritional deficiencies, hardening of the arteries, stroke, anemia, or the side effects of drugs. Western Medicine does not know the actual cause of senility disorders or Alzheimer’s disease.

Treatment options with Western Medicine are limited. Unfortunately, patients with senility and Alzheimer’s will be required to be cared for by caregivers or family members to help perform simple tasks on a long term basis. Advice will be given on how to keep the home uncluttered to improve safety and to keep things in the same place so the patient does not need to lean anything new. Patients are usually given identification bracelets indicating their condition, name, address, and phone number.

Traditional Chinese Medicine understands that memory and proper maintenance of brain tissue is dependent upon the Kidneys. The Kidney’s produce bone marrow, and proper nutrients are delivered to the brain through the spinal bone marrow. Unnatural, chemical drugs are difficult for the kidney’s to eliminate. When chemicals cannot be completely eliminated, the Kidney’s are adversely affected and thus cannot send good nutrients to the brain for memory. Considering most people are on long term drugs for years, one can see the detrimental long term results. Since Traditional Chinese Medicine understands the cause of the problem, it is very effective in treating it.

Treatments with Traditional Chinese Medicine will help detoxify and strengthen the Kidney’s so good nutrients can be properly delivered to the brain. Natural herbal medicines are used in conjunction with acupuncture with no adverse side effects. Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that good mental faculties should be normal among the elderly, and that it can be achieved with good preventative herbals, foods, and lifestyles.