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Western medicine believes that breast lumps/cancer is caused by hormonal influences, and that diet may play a part. A woman who discovers a lump in her breast is encouraged to undergo an X-ray of the breast (mammogram). Women who have had a family history of breast cancer and those over age 40 are encouraged to participate in these routine screenings. When there is a possibility that the lump may be a tumor, a biopsy is carried out in which all or part of the lump is removed with a hollow needle and examined under a microscope. If cancer is discovered, blood tests, x-rays, and scanning will be ordered to determine if the disease has spread to other areas of the body.

Treatments available are hormonal therapy, and / or surgery, often in combination with radiation and chemical toxic therapy (chemotherapy). Fluid may be withdrawn from the breast, x-rays or mammograms may be ordered, and lumps may be biopsies. When surgery is recommended, anesthesia precedes the operation. Surgical treatments range from a lumpectomy, in which only a breast lump is removed, to the removal of the entire breast (mastectomy). Unfortunately, these procedures often have adverse side effects worse than the original disease itself. Worse yet, after all of this, many patients find out later that these procedures have:

  1. Failed to eliminate all the cancer cells in the body, and
  2. Caused the cancer cells to mutate and spread to other areas, or return later.

Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that a female's period is derived from milk nutrients (not THE milk). This is proved by observation. Notice that when a baby breastfeeds, the mother does not have a period. This is because the baby is taking the milk and milk nutrients. The milk nutrient changes from white to red because of the intense heat from the small intestine. Traditional Chinese Medicine recognizes that the flow of milk nutrients to the ovary and uterus is essential to avoid disease. If the breast milk reverts, the milk nutrients will accumulate in another organ and may cause cancer. Some of the cancers include: Lupus, breast cancer, Liver cancer, Leukemia, Lymphoma, and Lung cancer. Traditional Chinese Medicine discourages using mammograms or biopsies as diagnostic methods of detecting cancer. Mammograms and biopsies damage blood vessels in the breast and cause leakage of blood into surrounding areas and can cause cysts to develop. When a possible cancerous tumor is biopsied, the cancer will spread. Controlling the emotions is imperative to help prevent further health problems.

Traditional Chinese Medicine offers treatments that are safe, effective, and have no adverse health side effects. Herbal medicine is used to change the environment in the body so the cancer cells cannot survive. Herbs in conjunction with acupuncture offer the best treatment by stimulating the body to eliminate the disease or cancer cells, regardless of where they are in the body.

From Hantang Chinese traditional Medical Association