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Acid Reflux & Joint Pain

The primary causes of acid reflux and joint pain are refined sugar, vitamins, supplements, eating/drinking unnatural acids, eating too late, and over eating. These things feed the virus, bacteria, and cancer cells (see Flies in the Living Room) and their waste products are acidic. These eating habits also cause your body to over produce acid.

Do not replace refined sugar with artificial sweeteners! Artificial sweeteners are pure poison and destroy your liver and kidneys. They also interfere with your normal metabolism, preventing you from getting the good nutrition from your food.

Products containing refined carbohydrates, such as bleached wheat flour, also supply the flies with empty sugar calories to support their proliferation. When mankind processes natural substances, we remove all the other things that nature meant for us to get with those calories including cleansing agents to remove the old nutrition.

Vitamins and supplements provide more empty nutrition to feed the flies. We do not yet know enough about all the different vitamins, minerals, etc and what we need to utilize vitamins and minerals properly, but nature does. Vitamin C is the easiest example: if you take one-tenth the usual amount of vitamin C your urine will immediately turn orange. This means that you are just flushing your money down the drain. Take the extra burden off your kidneys and spend the money to buy good quality whole foods. No matter what type of concentrated vitamins, minerals or supplements you take, they will burden the kidneys or the liver. If you eat a crate of oranges you will not see any change in the urine color because nature put everything you need in the orange with the vitamin C including lots of fiber to clean the old nutrition out. Nature also makes oranges available at the time of the year that you need more vitamin C. The same is true for all vitamins and minerals, just not always so obvious.

When you eat too late the food just sits in your stomach and rots all night. Even wood can be turned into methanol (a poison to humans) when rotted. These fermentation products are just different types of sugar that are even easier for the flies to digest. Your body can not use this sugar at night so it converts some of it to cholesterol in an effort to reduce the sugar in your blood; much of the remainder is eaten by the flies. During the day the liver produces acid and bile to help with the digestion. At night the liver is supposed to stop the acid production so it can do its more important job of helping your body regenerate, even the western textbooks say that the liver has some ability to regenerate itself. In Chinese medicine the liver is responsible for regeneration of the entire body. The liver can begin over producing acid in an effort to catch up with the digestion so it can perform its function of regeneration. The over production of acid combined with the pressure from the rotting food puts too much pressure back up into the esophagus creating much of the acid reflux.

In addition to the above, over eating also plugs the pipes, like shoving too much into your garbage disposal at once.

Breakfast means break your fasting (~12hrs), not take a fast break. If you do not have a bunch of old rotten food, from the night before, in your stomach, then you should feel hungry in the morning.

Coffee and soda contain a large amount of damaging, unnatural acids. This just contributes to high levels of acid accumulating in your body.

The acid accumulates in the joints, where the circulation is not as strong, causing pain and or swelling of the joints. The excess acid in the circulation also creates small holes in the blood vessels; this is a big problem in the arteries near the heart where the pressure is highest which the body tries to plug with cholesterol creating blockages.

Natural sour tastes, like citrus, will not create more acid. Naturally sour food will react with other things in your digestion and ultimately help create a more alkaline environment.

Do drink teas, they are very alkaline. Good quality green and black teas have been shown to have many anti-fly properties. Teas have been in the news a lot in the last few years for their healing benefits.

Do eat natural whole foods.

Do use evaporated sea salt or salt harvest from salt lakes to cook with. Do not salt your food just before you eat it. The salty taste goes to the kidneys and causes them to close the gate, bringing the water level up and the salt concentration down. When salt is cooked with the food it reacts chemically and forms other compounds. Sea salt is about 25% lower in sodium than normal table salt and contains other minerals that are necessary for a healthy metabolism.

Do use honey, maltose, or evaporated cane sugar. These sweeteners contain other compounds that make it much harder for the flies to digest and to clean out the old garbage.

From  Hantang Chinese Traditional Medical Association






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